Stress, a problem for all people

Maintaining good health requires a capacity to handle stress. Stressor agent is not always a negative event. A wedding and a death can be equally stressful for the body. Exposure to intense or extreme stressful events and deprivation of stimuli can cause imbalances in the body and also major problems. Too much heat, cold, work, food or social requirements or the contrary, lack of food, achievement, social interactions and sleep can be harmful for human health.

Our perception of stress is important, any factor that we can consider a threat, real or imaginary, will increase our anxiety levels. How we react is influenced by several factors, some of which can be controlled, while others do not. Physical and mental health, genetic predisposition, past experiences, diet, and social support determine which stimuli will be interpreted by the body as stress agents in a particular moment of our lives. People with healthy, balanced, harmonious life style coming from a family without health problems, living a quiet life and having normal relationships with others will respond better to stress and is far less likely to develop a condition related to stress than people with at least one factor deviated from normal.

When we think of stress, come to mind terms like “power, load, application, effort, pressure, strain, force, coercion”. People who are constantly under stress for long periods of time become overwhelmed by tension, anger, fear and frustration, which lead to the development of a strong chronic anxiety states. As a result, the secretion of adrenaline, blood pressure, heart rate and breathing will have increased values.

Glucose and fatty acid level in blood increases in stress, the combination favoring accelerated atherosclerosis with coronary heart disease development. Immune functions are less efficient, so the body can no longer effectively fight pathogens and cancer cells. On the mental capacity can be seen a reduction in memory and concentration. Sleep disorders and depression occur, and other mood disorders.

Characteristics of individuals that are in a chronic state of stress

Probably most of us will recognize himself in this description. If you have at least 3 of the following characteristics, it is time to seriously consider a way to reduce stress:
* Constant sense of urgency, haste, lack of time for relaxation
* Tension in all relationships, resulting in fights, misunderstandings, insults etc.
* Mania of “escape” (in personal room, car park etc.)
* Feeling that time runs too fast, children grow up too fast, etc.
* Constant desire to have a simple and quiet life, permanent discussions with others about better times (which have been or will come)
* Too little time devoted to his person or couple
How stress affects various organs and systems
* The digestive tract – many diseases may be caused or aggravated by stress include gastritis, gastric or duodenal ulcer, ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel
* The organs of reproduction – infertility, menstrual disorders or no menstrual cycle in women, impotence in men
* Bladder – irritability, incontinence, enuresis
* Central nervous system – mental and emotional problems, anxiety, psychosis, depression
* Hair and scalp – hair loss with balding
* Mouth – ulcers and oral lichen
* Lungs – asthma exacerbation during periods of acute stress
* Heart – cardiac arrhythmias, angina attacks
* Muscles – painful muscle tension, increased twitching and tremor in patients with Parkinson’s

How to eliminate stress with Calivita natural products

Natural herbal products are always the best way and the healthiest for combating stress and his symptoms.

– Rhodiolin – has an adaptogenic effect, reduces the negative impact of stress on the heart, prevents and eliminates depression, and provides a physical and mental well being.

– Melatonin – is an effective natural way to combat insomnia and regulate a normal nocturnal cycle, which in times of stress are a common problem and help to increase the negative state.

– VitalMan – exclusively for men – is good for removing stress, nervous tension and mental exhaustion, threats to the intimate life and fertility.

– VitalWoman – exclusively for women – supports vital processes in the woman body, stimulates the ovaries and uterus and improves intimacy in women. Has aphrodisiac effect, improves physical and mental state and reduce stress and tension.

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