Skin Tanner Tips for a Golden Tan

This content on using a skin self tanner is a guide to having a fabulous golden tan instead of subjecting yourself to dangerous skin damage.

With all the sun warnings in the media, it is no wonder that the public have turned to cosmetic products to produce that golden tanned look rather than risk skin cancer and other skin damage.

The changing of fashion caused by Coco Chanel towards having golden tanned skin has made self tanners popular. Now it is possible to have a honey colored tan without the risks associated with sun-baking.

It is necessary that the younger generation become aware of the dangers of sun damage and realize there are other non destructive options available and they don’t have to risk their skin like the older generations have.

Thus a sixteen year old girl will benefit more from using a self tanner than spending lots of time on a tanning bed or at the beach. Darker shades of tan are even possible by choosing a quality cosmetic product that will not harm the skin.

You probably have heard of the other side of skin tanners, especially if products are used incorrectly, such as complaints of streaky uneven tan and orange palms.

Here are some methods for applying of a self tanner that should give you better results –

* For a more even color, a week before tanning start exfoliating and moisturizing your skin daily.

* Use the self tanner lightly on the elbows, knuckles and knees as the skin is thicker and will end up darker.

* Before using the skin self tanner, coat petroleum jelly on your hairline and eyebrows to prevent darkening.

* Straight after using the self tanner wash your hands well to prevent getting bronzed hands, or better still, wear gloves

After Treatment Tips

* After treatment it is always a good idea to wait as long as possible before dressing or going to bed, to prevent the self tanner rubbing off and also discoloring your clothes.

* Try to keep out of water and don’t do heavy exercising that causes sweating, for over 6 hours.

* Be aware of possible accidents that could ruin your clothes and always read the paper work.

Try the above tips and you’ll see how smooth and almost perfect the skin color becomes.

The main motive of this article was to make you aware of the risks of sun baking, such as premature wrinkles and deadly skin cancer and the advantages of using a skin self tanner instead.

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