Lung cancer' the 'Sign' we often ignored by says author?-(Part 2).

Lung cancer sign we often ignored by says author?-(Part 2).

…Continuation from article from artipot).

We members of Medical professional cannot afford to ignore the warning sign and follow the ‘Human Right’ the ‘LGBT’ Law were given by our appointed Religious Representatives those who ever came in this world of lust. Nor we ever can adopt the Culture of ‘LGBT’ regulation of Law. Where there is no written documentary evidence we must follow as Government legalized illegitimate nature in our environment to ruin our future Generation before Lord ever can think of destroying our Community as examples ‘Tsunami 2004’ the only blind will claim never seen in reality.

Omeprazole Capsule
…Under the Omeprazole Capsule mentioned as follows:

“The active substance in Omeprazole Capsule belongs to a group of medicines called Proton Pump Inhibitors. These reduce production of acidic juices in the stomach which helps to stop ulcers from forming and allow existing ulcers to heal. It also helps to reduce some of the discomfort resulting from inflammation of the oesophagus (the tube leading from your mouth to your stomach) and allow any damage to heal”.–(Patients Tablet ‘Omeprazole’ Information Leaflet).

And Under the Parkinson’s disease and swallowing problems mentioned:

“Swallowing problems increase the risk of aspiration (inhaling fluid or stomach contents into the lungs) and pneumonia in people with Parkinson’s disease. For some, using special swallowing techniques is sufficient to alleviate swallowing problems”–(From Parkinson Diseases Association).

As mentioned under the prescribed tablets ‘Omeprazole Capsule’ ‘The Tube leading from your mouth to your stomach’

Or as mentioned under the Parkinson Diseases; “inhaling fluid or stomach contents into the lungs”

Which is mean in language in poetry ‘Nil Dariar Prem’ every drop of ‘WATER’ inhale or takes inside the ‘stomach’ is scanned through the Tube of ‘Lung?’

The scanner is called human being, “LUNG”
Inhaling fluid or water through the tube of Lung the trade mark of Allah. Written name of Lord inside the Lungs. None-Believers medical professionals given no rights to access into stomach by mean of medications other than to use tube or pipes to reach into stomach?

Another word the ‘Heathrow Airport Immigration Center’ when the passengers pass though the Gates is scanned thoroughly if there is any ‘ILLEGAL’ items or belonging? Even if you are a States Ministers. The value of face not accepted other than Electronic Scanners to say us honest Ministers?

…If found any Illegal items or belonging the British Immigration officers know what to do? I do not need to explained that how criminal in the eye of the Immigration officer and Law.

…Will I be ever allowed to carry illegal belonging Sir or Madam from Heathrow Airport?

…………………………………..Your answers are today needed for my investigation into ‘Lung’ cancers?

I expect your answer should be as most UK dating agency policy, click “YES” the ‘Yes’ sign mean I like you. If however, answer is “NO” why not? I mean why Not Sir or madam? When Lord Instruction has been betrayed by to claim what in our community?

Another word, the Immigration officer Lord Jesus Christ beloved Father “Allah’ placed a device under the ‘TUBE’ of ‘LUNG’ the secret scanners called;


The Islamic Declaration of Faith, the Virtue/Kalima.

Note: ‘Kalima’ This is also medication work for any known symptoms other than Death, And any false Court cases demolished as mashed potatoes those who recite in vain and in silent those who lost hope in nature. But you must be not related ‘LGBT’ members of any kinds. And you must be at least sincere in your own appointed Lord, Jesus Christ, in Arabic known “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He.” To get immediate help from almighty Lord.

Discovered by Medical Board, Medical News Magazine. 15/January 1991. The Arabic ‘Virtue’ sentence, [Verses] was discovered written inside the ‘TUBE’ of ‘LUNG’ not only in the E.E.C. Germany, Bonn, City, and Forest.

Back to the tablet information ‘Omeprazole Capsule’ as mentioned; ‘The Tube leading from your mouth to your stomach’

Most ‘Ulcer’ victims or sufferers suffer under the critical pains we don’t know the reasons behind the chest or curtains why?

As mentioned; ‘The Tube leading from your mouth to your stomach’

I call that mean the Gate of Heathrow Airport, Immigration center, under the Immigration Act, 1971, Under Section 26 (1) (c) of the Immigration Act. To make a statement or representation which you know to be false or do not believe to be true. & Under the Public Order 1936 Act.

The Immigration officers will arrest those who betray or abuse the ‘LAW’ the Medical Doctors language called ‘LUNG’ cancers. The British Custom and Exercise official says crime against humanity for not paying ‘V.A.T’. The Local Police will arrest under the Public Order 1936 Act for abusing the Law for not paying the V.A.T.

Unfortunately, who’s going to arrest for not paying the V.A.T.S Police, Doctors, and or Your Honour? To many to mentioned described the symptoms of ‘LUNG’ cancers when the prescribed tablet mention clearly, ‘The Tube leading from your mouth to your stomach’ What did we see the true colour of not picture of ‘KALIMA’ written inside the tube?

The Lord Jesus Christ beloved Father says without his name ‘Allah’ not even ‘DROP’ of water non-Believer would be given allowed swallowing or inhaling into tube of Lung to go through the stomach.

I mean ‘Yes’ ‘DROP’ of plain water most hospital ‘Nil By mouth?’ bedside the patients bed written always seen by doctors. Forget about entertain adultery in our society legalize ‘LGBT’ that far from medical explanation Government want without valid ‘Freedom passes’ in the Kingdom of almighty Lord to go free.

Only ten pound was fined our Former British Home Secretary, Rt. Hon, Jacqui Smith, M.P. For sharing the pornographic Internet sites finance from members of public funds when most members of public’s depend on our most beauty Ministers to guide us all those without, girlfriends or wife at home regards bedroom wall mirror in the morning to lead us into ‘Buckingham Palace’ I mean in heaven! Unfortunately, our Ministers founds guilty of driving the States taking members of public’s into Indian Gourmet’ Tandoori Clay Oven’ to burn a life in reality. Ten pound fined was not enough your honour?

My kind request those who sufferer, please look at your own appointed Lord Representatives, Instructions very carefully, and honour in the name of your Lord, at the most critical time in life when Doctors says ‘CANCERS’ The symptoms ‘CANCERS’ mean we have no medications or Treatment for but there is [Matthew: 13; 13–24] clearly stated by not my or his or her almighty Lord but our Doctor in time of Prophet ‘ADAM’ Doctor we all knew was by name “ALLAH” even today. We must, if we intend to live on earth in United Kingdom, and under the British Immigration, Law: As under-mentioned;

…But Government drives public’s into ‘Ocean of fake Love’ as ‘Invitation to Sexual Infidelity beyond my Biblical Love?’ For 17.5% V.A.T.

8 “Instead, you yourselves cheat and do wrong, and you do, this to your brothers and sisters. 9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom, (As a States British Ministers), of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offender’s men who have sex with men10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God”. – [1 Corinthians 6: 8–12].

The last word from Lord Jesus Christ, R.A), beloved Father:

“Now await in patience the command of thy Lord: For verily thou art in our eyes:5081and celebrate the praises of thy lord the while thou sandiest forth, and for part of the night also praise thou him and at the setting of the stars” –46:48-49.

…May Almighty Lord bless us all through his loving visual hallucination lights those who especially sufferers suffer in silent and in ‘Intensive Care Unit’ or ‘Nuro-disability Hospital’ or in Private Clinic’s. My Lord your word we cannot ever ‘Ignored’ nor we neglect, but we all heard those who live on earth more than 100 or 120 year is only less than ‘One and only half Minute’ life on earth. Before we ever can say, not;

Nor, “I Love You”
The hand-held Mobile credit run out having million of pounds into account, I mean one and only half minutes credits not enough we need your medical reviews. Today my life is in hand of medical professional. They don’t believe in Ritual, Namaj, Worship, Act, Salad or Religious, but claims human being.

Today, Not, I, my self but my readers and members of those who related sufferers suffers in known hospital to grand us extra few seconds in life your word never fail in reality, as mentioned regardless of by cast or nationalities, to my self today surrendered in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He–R.A), beloved Father to none but by name ‘Allah’ instead of Bangladeshi novel prize winner Doctor Yunus, or the Lung Cancer Foundation of any kinds On earth.

After all today we must not be proud of our symptoms can drives us where we never though going to be or

Our permanent resident or palace in the Jungles when we had good times in life. Think not once but twice if natural fruits from the smallest known seeds can grow fruits in the fields of Tomatoes then we must think now what have we done in our life that we never believe out of ‘Tomatoes’ seeds never going to be [grows] or become a life again?

But our environment to suffer under the ‘E.Coli’ or Lung cancers symptoms? We never was born to suffer in silent’s or in symptoms but to glorify the name of Almighty Lord where every part of human body recites names of Almighty, including natural tree and plants.

Finally, the last word from Lord Jesus Christ, R.A), beloved Father: In explanation of Verse 5081:

“The messenger of Almighty (Allah/God/Dues), Lord, in the Kingdom must strive his utmost to proclaim the Message in the name of Allah, as for results, it is not him to command them. He must wait patiently, [Those who suffer under the symptoms without regulation of ‘Ritual’] in the knowledge that he is not forgotten by Almighty, Lord, Allah, but is constantly under Allah’s eyes, under his loving care and protection, [under the visual hallucination, as from Waves of climates Tsunami cyclone]. And he must glorify none but Almighty, Lord, Allah’s out of ninety-nine name, – [“Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”–786], as he is a standard-bearer of Almighty lord Allah’s truth”.–5081: — (46: 48).

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