Affordable Hepatic artery infusion chemotherapy in India with tourism package

India has become a medical destination now for all the patients across the globe who comes with a hope to avail quality treatment at bearable cost and truly good hospitals of India are well equipped to provide a comprehensive range of treatments for various kinds of Chemotherapy treatment India . Chemotherapy treatment India in India is provided at hospitals having a qualified, trained and experienced team of doctors of international reputation and research analysts working together to develop advanced treatment approaches and using them for highly effective patient cure and relief. Chemotherapy treatment India has proved to be a boon for the patients who needs excellent medical facilities under the guidance of some of the best and top ranked Chemotherapy treatment India surgeons and doctors of India. India is now been considered as the best option available undoubtedly.

Hepatic artery infusion chemotherapy is designed to improve chemotherapy benefits for liver cancer by increasing the amount of chemotherapy delivered to the site of the tumor. Chemotherapy is dispensed from a specialized infusion system in which a catheter is placed into the hepatic artery to directly deliver the chemotherapy to the liver. A fully implanted system is used so that the pump that connects to the catheter in the hepatic artery is implanted under the skin. This allows for long-term administration of chemotherapy medication directly into the liver. The pump is periodically filled with chemotherapy by your oncologist. Direct infusion of chemotherapy into the liver minimizes the side effects of the chemotherapy and allows high doses to be administered. Infusion of chemotherapy directly into the hepatic artery to minimize the side effects of the chemotherapy is an option in selected patients with liver cancer or metastatic spread of cancer to the liver. This treatment has been of special interest in patients with colorectal cancer with liver metastasis. Because liver metastases from colorectal cancer derive more than 80% of their blood supply from the hepatic artery, hepatic arterial infusion is well suited as an alternative or together with systemic chemotherapy for the treatment of liver tumors. Hepatic artery infusion of chemotherapy has also been used in patients after liver resection for colorectal cancer spread to the liver. This is most advanced technique available for the treatment of liver disorder patients. This surgical technique is most preferred by most of the liver surgeons. The benefits of Hepatic artery infusion chemotherapy are this chemotherapy often leads to a better response of the liver disease compared to regular chemotherapy and delays further growth of the tumor, HAI therapy shows a trend toward increased survival rates, HAI therapy shows reduced systemic side effects that are associated with regular chemotherapy, HAI therapy enhances quality of life. As the surgical technique is most advanced thus the side effects reduces after the surgery as compared to other surgical procedures.

Medical tourism is a new and growing in many countries around the world invite patients from other countries and offer low cost packages to abroad patients for treatment. Medical tourism in India offers different cost packages to abroad patients for treatment in India. For a comfortable stay abroad of patients who manages the accommodation very good, its inputs and the provision of treatment facilities is also well cared for by. Many abroad patients are getting attracted to India for the treatment of Chemotherapy. Max Hospital, AIIMS, Artemis Hospital, We Care etc are some of the best Chemotherapy hospitals in India.
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