Study Finds Surgery Underused Among Esophageal Cancer Patients

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia have reported that surgery to remove the esophagus among esophageal cancer patients is being underused and may be costing patients dearly.

According to the study conducted by the researchers, only 34 percent of approximately 2,386 patients who were diagnosed with esophageal cancer from 1997 to 2002 received surgery. Patients that received surgery had a longer survival rate compared to patients who did not receive a surgical procedure.

The article, which was published in the Archives of Surgery in December 2008 also reported that “roughly 37 percent of white patients with early cancer of the esophagus were treated surgically compared with just 19 percent of their non-white counterparts.” The study concluded that esophageal cancer patients must receive more surgical treatments to better increase their chances of survival.

Cancer of the Esophagus

Esophageal cancer is considered a very severe form of cancer that is four times more likely to affect men than women and “African Americans are twice as likely as Caucasians to have this cancer,” according to the University of California in Los Angeles David Geffen School of Medicine.

The cancer affects the “10-inch long tube that connects your throat and the stomach,” according to the Mayo Clinic. There are several common signs and symptoms of esophageal cancer including the following:

* difficulty swallowing

* unintentional weight loss

* pain in throat

* pain in midchest

* pain in between shoulders

* hoarseness

* hiccups

* vomiting blood

Developing Esophageal Cancer

There are many risk factors associated with the development of esophageal cancer including the following, as reported by the Mayo Clinic:

* An individual’s age — those between the ages of 55 and 70 are at an increased risk.

* A patient’s sex is a large factor as men are more commonly affected compared to women.

* Race affects an individuals risk ‘especially squamous cell esophageal cancer,’ which is more common among African Americans.

* Individuals who eat fruits and vegetables are more likely to be at less of a risk for developing the condition than those who consume a poor diet.

* Exposure to radiation therapy and treatments can increase risk.

* Occupational exposure to toxins including dry cleaning solvents, silica dust, sandstone and granite.

Some evidence has found that individuals who drink hot liquids frequently may be at an increased risk for developing squamous cell esophageal cancer.

Additionally, a new and unintended risk for developing esophageal cancer exists among Fosamax patients who have consumed the osteoporosis drug. Fosamax is commonly prescribed to individuals who have suffered from bone density loss and osteoporosis such as postmenopausal women. However, in January, the drug was found by The New England Journal of Medicine to have caused nearly 23 cases of esophageal cancer since its commercial release in 1995 from Merck and Company.

Fosamax has also been associated with the development of osteonecrosis (ONJ) of the jaw, according to another study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association. Because of the Fosamax side effects it may be necessary for a Fosamax patient to discuss their drug consumption with a medical professional. It may also be necessary to contact a pharmaceutical attorney to receive a free legal consultation on the potential development of a Fosamax class action lawsuit.

Development of Fosamax litigation may increase the potential for obtaining monetary compensation for a victim of the drug’s risks. Receiving monetary funds as compensation could assist a victim in paying for medical bills associated with the dangers of Fosamax.

Skin Tanner Tips for a Golden Tan

This content on using a skin self tanner is a guide to having a fabulous golden tan instead of subjecting yourself to dangerous skin damage.

With all the sun warnings in the media, it is no wonder that the public have turned to cosmetic products to produce that golden tanned look rather than risk skin cancer and other skin damage.

The changing of fashion caused by Coco Chanel towards having golden tanned skin has made self tanners popular. Now it is possible to have a honey colored tan without the risks associated with sun-baking.

It is necessary that the younger generation become aware of the dangers of sun damage and realize there are other non destructive options available and they don’t have to risk their skin like the older generations have.

Thus a sixteen year old girl will benefit more from using a self tanner than spending lots of time on a tanning bed or at the beach. Darker shades of tan are even possible by choosing a quality cosmetic product that will not harm the skin.

You probably have heard of the other side of skin tanners, especially if products are used incorrectly, such as complaints of streaky uneven tan and orange palms.

Here are some methods for applying of a self tanner that should give you better results –

* For a more even color, a week before tanning start exfoliating and moisturizing your skin daily.

* Use the self tanner lightly on the elbows, knuckles and knees as the skin is thicker and will end up darker.

* Before using the skin self tanner, coat petroleum jelly on your hairline and eyebrows to prevent darkening.

* Straight after using the self tanner wash your hands well to prevent getting bronzed hands, or better still, wear gloves

After Treatment Tips

* After treatment it is always a good idea to wait as long as possible before dressing or going to bed, to prevent the self tanner rubbing off and also discoloring your clothes.

* Try to keep out of water and don’t do heavy exercising that causes sweating, for over 6 hours.

* Be aware of possible accidents that could ruin your clothes and always read the paper work.

Try the above tips and you’ll see how smooth and almost perfect the skin color becomes.

The main motive of this article was to make you aware of the risks of sun baking, such as premature wrinkles and deadly skin cancer and the advantages of using a skin self tanner instead.

Lung Cancer Can Kill You Faster Than You Think

After you read this sentence, imagine the last time you had a horrible cold or the flu and struggled to breathe, coughed continuously and ached all over; then close your eyes, exhale and hold your breath for 30 to 45 seconds while continuing to remember.

Did you do it?

If so, you briefly experienced in a limited capacity three symptoms associated with lung cancer.
What Is Lung Cancer?

Any cancer that starts in the lungs is described as “lung cancer.” Beyond the symptoms mentioned, sufferers experience a wide range of severe and debilitating symptoms as the cancer spreads, such as bloody sputum, hoarseness, wheezing, chest pain, loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, infections, skins changes, dizziness, headaches, seizures, bone pain and tumorous growths.

In the United States, Australia and many other countries, lung cancer has become the leading cause of cancer deaths across both sexes. Every year in some countries, it kills more than breast, ovarian, prostate and colon cancers… combined.
Types of Lung Cancer

If you have this cancer, you are usually dealing with one of two main general types: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer or Small Cell Lung Cancer.

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, also known as NSCLC, is a blanket term used for cancers that are not small cells and spread slowly, such as adenocarcinoma, large cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. NSCLC is the most common type of this cancer. According to a 2011 report by Cancer Australia, NSCLCs make up approximately 60 percent of all cancers that start in the lungs in Australia.

Small Cell Lung Cancer, also known as SCLC, is a term used to describe cancers that appear as small cells. Although this type of cancer is not as common as NSCLC, approximately 12 percent of all lung cancers in Australia start as SCLC. Non-smokers rarely get this type of cancer. Instead, SCLCs almost always appear in heavy smokers.
Smoking and Risk

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that cancers kill about 8.2 million people each year. This number means that almost 13 percent of all deaths around the world are caused by cancer. Lung cancer makes up 1,370,000 of those deaths. Stomach cancer is the next highest at 736,000 followed by liver (695,000), colorectal (608,000), breast (458,000) and cervical (275,000) cancers.

According to Cancer Council Australia, cancers that start in the lungs cause the most cancer-related deaths in the country. There is a high mortality rate associated with it. In fact, the five year survival rate for patients is extremely low (less than 14 percent).

Although people exposed to asbestos or fine particulates, such as carpenters, plasterers, plumbers and electricians, can develop growths and cancers in their lungs, smokers and people who are exposed to second-hand smoke are taking the greatest risk. Studies have shown that many sufferers were smokers or lived around smokers at some point in their lives.

Your lungs are two sponge-like organs that absorb oxygen as you inhale and release carbon dioxide as you exhale. They also absorb cancer-causing toxins you inhale when smoking cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookahs, joints and even e-cigarettes. Smokers inhale a horrible combination of these toxins. Old fashioned rolled or loose leaf smokers inhale about 69 substances known to cause cancer, including carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, pesticides, naphthalene, benzene, ammonia, acetone, cadmium, arsenic, nickel, lead and tar. Smoking e-cigarettes, also known as vaping, is dangerous because of solvents used to dissolve nicotine and flavorings that convert into to formaldehyde and other carcinogenic carbonyls.

Your risk of developing cancer in your lungs increases based on how long you have smoked and the number of cigarettes you have smoked over that period. If you are/were a smoker who has also been exposed to fine particulates, you are at even greater risk.
A Breath of Fresh Air

Cancer is like fire. It destroys everything in its path as it spreads. Yet, everyone knows that if you follow preventative measures, a fire is less likely to start. Even if a fire occurs, the preventative measures you take can often stop its spread. In homes where people ignore the risk, fire can kill. The same is true of lung cancer:

People who quit smoking have a better chance of not getting it.
Those who quit and still get it also have a better chance of surviving than those who get it and continue to inhale dozens of toxic substances.

The hypnotherapy services we offer in our office in Sunshine in Victoria have been proven to help many people in Melbourne and surrounding areas to stop smoking. Even if you have tried other measures and they did not work, we will do everything we can to help you to find the therapy that works best for you so that you can experience a better and healthier standard of living today and in the future.

3 Top Tips for Preventing Small Cell Lung Cancer

SCLC is one of the less common types of lung cancer accounting for around 20% of all diagnoses. It is often referred to as oat cell carcinoma because the small cells of the lungs look similar to oats. SCLC develops when the small cells of the lung start to grow in a rapid and uncontrolled way leading to the formation of malignant (cancerous) tumours. Unfortunately the outlook for people who contract SCLC is bleak with the five year survival rate being less than 20%. However, there are a number of things you can do to reduce your chances of developing this disease. In this article I will be discussing three things you can do to prevent small cell lung cancer.

1) QUIT SMOKING:- Smoking has been scientifically proven to cause a number of cancers. However, it is most strongly linked with lung cancers. The reason for this is that cigarettes contain over 70 carcinogens (chemicals that are known to cause cancer). Every time you inhale the smoke from a cigarette these carcinogens go straight to your lungs greatly increasing the chance of cancerous growths in the small cells of your lungs. Therefore, by quitting smoking you can significantly lower your chances of developing SCLC.

2) AVOID OTHER HARMFUL SUBSTANCES:- Although smoking is by far the most significant risk factor for SCLC there are a number of other chemicals that have been linked with this condition. Uranium, radon (which is created by the breakdown of uranium) and asbestos are all thought to increase your likelihood of contracting SCLC. When combined with smoking these substances are thought to be an even more significant SCLC risk. Therefore, by avoiding these chemicals you can help prevent small cell lung cancer.

3) EAT MORE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES:- Although the research is not conclusive a number of studies have suggested that fruits and vegetables can help prevent SCLC. This is thought to be because they are rich in anti-oxidants, flavenoids and vital vitamins. All these ingredients work together to prevent cellular damage which reduces the chances of the cells becoming cancerous. Therefore, by increasing your consumption of fruit and vegetables you could lower your chances of developing SCLC.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article the survival rate for this type of cancer is low. However, you can have a large influence over how likely you are to contract SCLC. By quitting smoking and avoiding smoky environments you can drastically reduce your risk but by doing the other things listed in this article too you can prevent small cell lung cancer even further. SCLC can be prevented and I hope this article has shown you how.

Whilst every intention has been made to make this article accurate and informative, it is intended for general information only. Small cell lung cancer is a very serious, life threatening condition and you should discuss any concerns, treatments or lifestyle changes fully with your doctor.

The Sensitivity of Skin-Related Issues

Skin cancer, there’s no telling when you’ll get it (if you’ll get it) on top of that it does not inflict pain in developing stages making it difficult for you to detect it right away.

It would be best to search your own body. There is nothing to lose and very little to fear because skin cancer is treatable if found early.

Start by cleaning your body , then you would need to be in a comfortable, well-lighted room a full length mirror, pen and paper and a hand mirror as well.

Check the moles and birthmarks you’ve always had ever since you were born. If you detect something that wasn’t there before, write its location. Even though moles appear randomly in a humans’ lifetime, you still can’t take the possibility that it may be a developing melanoma.

The truth is that sunburns make your skin more vulnerable to cancer, BUT UV in sunlight damages the skin whether you get sunburned or not. You can still get cancer even if you avoid sunburns.

Yes the skin can heal the visible damage. This is why sunburns lasts for days. But unknown to us there are underlying damages that accumulates with every exposure to the sun, it is long term and may not be seen immediately. So it is advised to use proper protection (sun block, clothing etc), and still limit direct exposure to the sun even  when you are protected.

While it is true that MODERATE exposure to the sun will help in the production of Vitamin D in the skin, it is not advisable to prolong yourself in the sun. Excessive Ultraviolet Rays exposure will most likely raise the risks of you getting skin cancer. A few minutes will do. Eating food rich in vitamin D is a better option.

Acral lentiginous melanoma is the most usual form of melanoma in Asian and Black races.

This kind of melanoma forms on the skin surfaces that have no hair, and usually the parts that are seldom exposed to sunlight but researches have no findings that Acral Melanoma us caused due to the lack of sun exposure.

It is like a black pigmentation that occurs in the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and under the nails (fingers and toes).

When you detect a dark discoloration in your fingernails or toe nail, in your nail folds or any of the areas in your palms or soles it is advised that you seek a dermatologist to have it checked.

Melanomas can be cured if caught early.

Methotraxate is usually administered to people with rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic inflammatory disease which affects 1 percent of adults worldwide. Rheumatoid arthritis often leads to disability and eventually a diminished quality of life, it can also cause an early death as one who acquires it is more to developing cancer.

MTX is believed to be carcinogenic because of numerous reports about patients getting lymphoma after being treated by MTX. And the surprising thing is, tumors disappeared when the patients stopped taking the drug.

A Guide to Colon Cancer

Colon cancer occurs in the bowel, colon and rectum, and is the second most common type of terminal cancer in the United States. With regular screening, colon cancer can be avoided as there are signs in the form of small growths, referred to as polyps which appear in the colon. How can colon cancer be detected? Through the use of regular screening, cancer of the colon can be detected using diagnostic tests. To prevent the instances of colon cancer, the removal of polyps, which are small lumps of cells within the colon; colon cancer is one of the slowest growing cancers.

There are various testing options available, which range based on factors such as; age, medical history and the comfort level of the patient.

Polyps are often the precursors to colon cancer but not always an indicator to the cancer that is developing. Polyps are often in the shape of mushrooms, flat and larger polyps are associated with most cases of colon cancer. There are common types of polyps: hyperplastic polyps and adenomatous polyps. Hyperplastic polyps are often less than 5mm in length and are polyps that rarely become malignant. The latter are more likely to become cancerous as they grow; these cells are different from hyperplastic cells. The larger that a polyp grows, the higher the chances that the polyp is going to develop into cancer. When the diameter of a polyp grows larger than 10mm, these chances are increased greatly.

What are the risk factors for colon cancer? Colon cancer is more prevalent and patients are at a higher risk if there is a family history of the disease. Those without a family history, but over the age of fifty should receive annual colon cancer screening. Nine out of ten patients who are diagnosed with colon cancer are aged fifty and over. For men, the chances of developing colon cancer are one in seventeen, for women, this number decreases to chances of one in seventeen. What types of tests are available for colon cancer screening? Diagnostic tests such as a colonoscopy or barium enema are recommended for patients every five to ten years, combined with an occult stool sample test completed on an annual basis. It is important that anyone in remission from the disease, or who has symptoms in the past have yearly screening for colon cancer. Early detection is essential in diagnosis and effective treatment.

Other risk factors include those who have suffered from inflammatory bowel disease in the past, or those who have evidence of polyps in their testing. This combined with screening for those patients that have cases of colon cancer within their immediate family should conduct screening on a regular basis to ensure that cases are caught early.

Interestingly enough, African Americans have higher instances of colon cancer than other races. It is important to screen at the age of forty-five, rather than age of fifty – to ensure that colon cancer is detected and treated early enough. A colonoscopy is reccomnended as cases are predominantly in the upper portion of the colon, other tests may find this difficult to diagnose.

The actual Uses of Biomedical Hormone Therapy

Biomedical hormone therapy enables the hormones to interact efficiently with human tissues in addition to other hormones within the body, positively affecting its elimination and potency. This makes them gentler and safer with your Program. Several studies were performed to prove the safety of the therapy. This only goes to show it truly is considerably safer to utilize compared to synthetic hormone therapy. When given for the proper dosage, such hormones is usually very advantageous on Brief and lengthy terms. We were holding which could efficiently decrease all symptoms associated with disorders of menopause and to stop conditions such as migraines, osteoporosis, hair loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s to name a couple of.

However, it truly is noteworthy that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy might not be for everyone. People with history of uterine, breast and ovarian cancer usually are not advised to get botox injections. The same thing holds true to people with cardiovascular conditions and gallbladder diseases the way it can trigger negative reactions to happen. Biomedical hormone replacement therapy is really a specialized field consequently you have to ensure you are receiving this treatment from an expert who performs extensive testing to ensure you are the right candidate for that treatment.

Such expert can prescribe you merely using the needed doses for ones symptoms and will maintain close control over the treatment, ensuring your hormones are balanced totally. Bioidentical hormones are offered by prescription since they are mixtures. They’re manufactured by legal and approved compound pharmacies. There are many people today These days who’re beginning to realize the benefits of biomedical hormone replacement therapy. Nonetheless, it is important to comprehend and note that not everybody can be considered a good candidate for this sort of treatment. You need to consult your personal doctor 1st and have absolutely series of tests performed done to you before you begin hoping that this treatment will finally relieved you the disgusting and disturbing warning signs of menopause.

Lung cancer' the 'Sign' we often ignored by says author?-(Part 2).

Lung cancer sign we often ignored by says author?-(Part 2).

…Continuation from article from artipot).

We members of Medical professional cannot afford to ignore the warning sign and follow the ‘Human Right’ the ‘LGBT’ Law were given by our appointed Religious Representatives those who ever came in this world of lust. Nor we ever can adopt the Culture of ‘LGBT’ regulation of Law. Where there is no written documentary evidence we must follow as Government legalized illegitimate nature in our environment to ruin our future Generation before Lord ever can think of destroying our Community as examples ‘Tsunami 2004’ the only blind will claim never seen in reality.

Omeprazole Capsule
…Under the Omeprazole Capsule mentioned as follows:

“The active substance in Omeprazole Capsule belongs to a group of medicines called Proton Pump Inhibitors. These reduce production of acidic juices in the stomach which helps to stop ulcers from forming and allow existing ulcers to heal. It also helps to reduce some of the discomfort resulting from inflammation of the oesophagus (the tube leading from your mouth to your stomach) and allow any damage to heal”.–(Patients Tablet ‘Omeprazole’ Information Leaflet).

And Under the Parkinson’s disease and swallowing problems mentioned:

“Swallowing problems increase the risk of aspiration (inhaling fluid or stomach contents into the lungs) and pneumonia in people with Parkinson’s disease. For some, using special swallowing techniques is sufficient to alleviate swallowing problems”–(From Parkinson Diseases Association).

As mentioned under the prescribed tablets ‘Omeprazole Capsule’ ‘The Tube leading from your mouth to your stomach’

Or as mentioned under the Parkinson Diseases; “inhaling fluid or stomach contents into the lungs”

Which is mean in language in poetry ‘Nil Dariar Prem’ every drop of ‘WATER’ inhale or takes inside the ‘stomach’ is scanned through the Tube of ‘Lung?’

The scanner is called human being, “LUNG”
Inhaling fluid or water through the tube of Lung the trade mark of Allah. Written name of Lord inside the Lungs. None-Believers medical professionals given no rights to access into stomach by mean of medications other than to use tube or pipes to reach into stomach?

Another word the ‘Heathrow Airport Immigration Center’ when the passengers pass though the Gates is scanned thoroughly if there is any ‘ILLEGAL’ items or belonging? Even if you are a States Ministers. The value of face not accepted other than Electronic Scanners to say us honest Ministers?

…If found any Illegal items or belonging the British Immigration officers know what to do? I do not need to explained that how criminal in the eye of the Immigration officer and Law.

…Will I be ever allowed to carry illegal belonging Sir or Madam from Heathrow Airport?

…………………………………..Your answers are today needed for my investigation into ‘Lung’ cancers?

I expect your answer should be as most UK dating agency policy, click “YES” the ‘Yes’ sign mean I like you. If however, answer is “NO” why not? I mean why Not Sir or madam? When Lord Instruction has been betrayed by to claim what in our community?

Another word, the Immigration officer Lord Jesus Christ beloved Father “Allah’ placed a device under the ‘TUBE’ of ‘LUNG’ the secret scanners called;


The Islamic Declaration of Faith, the Virtue/Kalima.

Note: ‘Kalima’ This is also medication work for any known symptoms other than Death, And any false Court cases demolished as mashed potatoes those who recite in vain and in silent those who lost hope in nature. But you must be not related ‘LGBT’ members of any kinds. And you must be at least sincere in your own appointed Lord, Jesus Christ, in Arabic known “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He.” To get immediate help from almighty Lord.

Discovered by Medical Board, Medical News Magazine. 15/January 1991. The Arabic ‘Virtue’ sentence, [Verses] was discovered written inside the ‘TUBE’ of ‘LUNG’ not only in the E.E.C. Germany, Bonn, City, and Forest.

Back to the tablet information ‘Omeprazole Capsule’ as mentioned; ‘The Tube leading from your mouth to your stomach’

Most ‘Ulcer’ victims or sufferers suffer under the critical pains we don’t know the reasons behind the chest or curtains why?

As mentioned; ‘The Tube leading from your mouth to your stomach’

I call that mean the Gate of Heathrow Airport, Immigration center, under the Immigration Act, 1971, Under Section 26 (1) (c) of the Immigration Act. To make a statement or representation which you know to be false or do not believe to be true. & Under the Public Order 1936 Act.

The Immigration officers will arrest those who betray or abuse the ‘LAW’ the Medical Doctors language called ‘LUNG’ cancers. The British Custom and Exercise official says crime against humanity for not paying ‘V.A.T’. The Local Police will arrest under the Public Order 1936 Act for abusing the Law for not paying the V.A.T.

Unfortunately, who’s going to arrest for not paying the V.A.T.S Police, Doctors, and or Your Honour? To many to mentioned described the symptoms of ‘LUNG’ cancers when the prescribed tablet mention clearly, ‘The Tube leading from your mouth to your stomach’ What did we see the true colour of not picture of ‘KALIMA’ written inside the tube?

The Lord Jesus Christ beloved Father says without his name ‘Allah’ not even ‘DROP’ of water non-Believer would be given allowed swallowing or inhaling into tube of Lung to go through the stomach.

I mean ‘Yes’ ‘DROP’ of plain water most hospital ‘Nil By mouth?’ bedside the patients bed written always seen by doctors. Forget about entertain adultery in our society legalize ‘LGBT’ that far from medical explanation Government want without valid ‘Freedom passes’ in the Kingdom of almighty Lord to go free.

Only ten pound was fined our Former British Home Secretary, Rt. Hon, Jacqui Smith, M.P. For sharing the pornographic Internet sites finance from members of public funds when most members of public’s depend on our most beauty Ministers to guide us all those without, girlfriends or wife at home regards bedroom wall mirror in the morning to lead us into ‘Buckingham Palace’ I mean in heaven! Unfortunately, our Ministers founds guilty of driving the States taking members of public’s into Indian Gourmet’ Tandoori Clay Oven’ to burn a life in reality. Ten pound fined was not enough your honour?

My kind request those who sufferer, please look at your own appointed Lord Representatives, Instructions very carefully, and honour in the name of your Lord, at the most critical time in life when Doctors says ‘CANCERS’ The symptoms ‘CANCERS’ mean we have no medications or Treatment for but there is [Matthew: 13; 13–24] clearly stated by not my or his or her almighty Lord but our Doctor in time of Prophet ‘ADAM’ Doctor we all knew was by name “ALLAH” even today. We must, if we intend to live on earth in United Kingdom, and under the British Immigration, Law: As under-mentioned;

…But Government drives public’s into ‘Ocean of fake Love’ as ‘Invitation to Sexual Infidelity beyond my Biblical Love?’ For 17.5% V.A.T.

8 “Instead, you yourselves cheat and do wrong, and you do, this to your brothers and sisters. 9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom, (As a States British Ministers), of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offender’s men who have sex with men10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God”. – [1 Corinthians 6: 8–12].

The last word from Lord Jesus Christ, R.A), beloved Father:

“Now await in patience the command of thy Lord: For verily thou art in our eyes:5081and celebrate the praises of thy lord the while thou sandiest forth, and for part of the night also praise thou him and at the setting of the stars” –46:48-49.

…May Almighty Lord bless us all through his loving visual hallucination lights those who especially sufferers suffer in silent and in ‘Intensive Care Unit’ or ‘Nuro-disability Hospital’ or in Private Clinic’s. My Lord your word we cannot ever ‘Ignored’ nor we neglect, but we all heard those who live on earth more than 100 or 120 year is only less than ‘One and only half Minute’ life on earth. Before we ever can say, not;

Nor, “I Love You”
The hand-held Mobile credit run out having million of pounds into account, I mean one and only half minutes credits not enough we need your medical reviews. Today my life is in hand of medical professional. They don’t believe in Ritual, Namaj, Worship, Act, Salad or Religious, but claims human being.

Today, Not, I, my self but my readers and members of those who related sufferers suffers in known hospital to grand us extra few seconds in life your word never fail in reality, as mentioned regardless of by cast or nationalities, to my self today surrendered in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He–R.A), beloved Father to none but by name ‘Allah’ instead of Bangladeshi novel prize winner Doctor Yunus, or the Lung Cancer Foundation of any kinds On earth.

After all today we must not be proud of our symptoms can drives us where we never though going to be or

Our permanent resident or palace in the Jungles when we had good times in life. Think not once but twice if natural fruits from the smallest known seeds can grow fruits in the fields of Tomatoes then we must think now what have we done in our life that we never believe out of ‘Tomatoes’ seeds never going to be [grows] or become a life again?

But our environment to suffer under the ‘E.Coli’ or Lung cancers symptoms? We never was born to suffer in silent’s or in symptoms but to glorify the name of Almighty Lord where every part of human body recites names of Almighty, including natural tree and plants.

Finally, the last word from Lord Jesus Christ, R.A), beloved Father: In explanation of Verse 5081:

“The messenger of Almighty (Allah/God/Dues), Lord, in the Kingdom must strive his utmost to proclaim the Message in the name of Allah, as for results, it is not him to command them. He must wait patiently, [Those who suffer under the symptoms without regulation of ‘Ritual’] in the knowledge that he is not forgotten by Almighty, Lord, Allah, but is constantly under Allah’s eyes, under his loving care and protection, [under the visual hallucination, as from Waves of climates Tsunami cyclone]. And he must glorify none but Almighty, Lord, Allah’s out of ninety-nine name, – [“Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”–786], as he is a standard-bearer of Almighty lord Allah’s truth”.–5081: — (46: 48).

Dental Care Tips For Senior Citizens

What affects dental health in old age?

Quite a few factors affect dental health when you grow older. For example, decay around fillings or at the gum line can cause dental problems. A lack of oral hygiene, excessive smoking and poor nutrition can also cause gum diseases and oral cancer. Another common factor affecting dental health in older people is the side effects of medication they may be taking. From an economic perspective, inability to afford dental treatments can also contribute to dental problems. Here are some dental care tips that can help you maintain good dental health in old age.

Choosing the right toothbrush and toothpaste

Senior citizens should choose toothbrushes with soft bristles to avoid causing damage to their gums. Hard and medium bristles can pull away the gum tissue from the teeth, exposing the tooth’s root, making it vulnerable to damage. This makes the tooth/teeth more sensitive and can also result in tooth loss over a period of time. The toothbrush should comfortably fit in the mouth and should ideally have a rounded front. It is a good idea to buy an electric toothbrush for easy and effective cleaning. Toothpaste containing fluoride is recommended as it prevents formation of cavities. If you suffer from any dental problems, your dentist can also advise you the right products to use to mitigate the effect of such problems.

Floss and mouthwash

Electric flossers can make the job of flossing more convenient and avoid the risk associated with ruining the gums when flossed manually. Mouthwash is also an important oral hygiene product. Rinsing the mouth with a fluoride mouthwash prevents cavities. The routine of flossing and rinsing mouth using mouthwash should be incorporated in your daily schedule religiously. Two times daily is ideal and but another additional time after a meal is even better. Rinsing your mouth with mouthwash is not only great for oral hygiene, but also ensures fresh breath.

Denture care

It is not only important to choose the right denture products but also to clean them well each night. The dentures can be brushed with suitable toothpaste, but it is important that they are soaked in water to which dental cleansing tablets are added. This prevents bacterial growth and keeps your mouth clean. Ill fitting dentures and lack of a proper denture cleaning regime can cause the growth of fungus Candida albicans and result in a condition known as stomatitis. Be aware of this problem and ensure that your denture fit in your mouth comfortably.

Healthy diet

A diet rich in calcium can keep teeth strong and healthy. Starchy food can cause a build-up of bacteria, hence it is best to wash the mouth thoroughly after eating bread, pasta and crisps. Cutting down on smoking and alcohol consumption can also promote better oral hygiene. Both smoking and excessive drinking can take off years from your life weakening your body and making it more prone to aging quickly. So, stay away from either of these habits and lead a healthy lifestyle eating a well balanced and nutritious diet.

Affordable Hepatic artery infusion chemotherapy in India with tourism package

India has become a medical destination now for all the patients across the globe who comes with a hope to avail quality treatment at bearable cost and truly good hospitals of India are well equipped to provide a comprehensive range of treatments for various kinds of Chemotherapy treatment India . Chemotherapy treatment India in India is provided at hospitals having a qualified, trained and experienced team of doctors of international reputation and research analysts working together to develop advanced treatment approaches and using them for highly effective patient cure and relief. Chemotherapy treatment India has proved to be a boon for the patients who needs excellent medical facilities under the guidance of some of the best and top ranked Chemotherapy treatment India surgeons and doctors of India. India is now been considered as the best option available undoubtedly.

Hepatic artery infusion chemotherapy is designed to improve chemotherapy benefits for liver cancer by increasing the amount of chemotherapy delivered to the site of the tumor. Chemotherapy is dispensed from a specialized infusion system in which a catheter is placed into the hepatic artery to directly deliver the chemotherapy to the liver. A fully implanted system is used so that the pump that connects to the catheter in the hepatic artery is implanted under the skin. This allows for long-term administration of chemotherapy medication directly into the liver. The pump is periodically filled with chemotherapy by your oncologist. Direct infusion of chemotherapy into the liver minimizes the side effects of the chemotherapy and allows high doses to be administered. Infusion of chemotherapy directly into the hepatic artery to minimize the side effects of the chemotherapy is an option in selected patients with liver cancer or metastatic spread of cancer to the liver. This treatment has been of special interest in patients with colorectal cancer with liver metastasis. Because liver metastases from colorectal cancer derive more than 80% of their blood supply from the hepatic artery, hepatic arterial infusion is well suited as an alternative or together with systemic chemotherapy for the treatment of liver tumors. Hepatic artery infusion of chemotherapy has also been used in patients after liver resection for colorectal cancer spread to the liver. This is most advanced technique available for the treatment of liver disorder patients. This surgical technique is most preferred by most of the liver surgeons. The benefits of Hepatic artery infusion chemotherapy are this chemotherapy often leads to a better response of the liver disease compared to regular chemotherapy and delays further growth of the tumor, HAI therapy shows a trend toward increased survival rates, HAI therapy shows reduced systemic side effects that are associated with regular chemotherapy, HAI therapy enhances quality of life. As the surgical technique is most advanced thus the side effects reduces after the surgery as compared to other surgical procedures.

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