Valacyclovir and valtrex

Some viruses, specifically Herpes, remain in the body permanently. In order to treat cold sores or similar infections, doctors may dispense either Valacyclovir or Valtrex to halt symptoms.

Cold sores are small ulcers that result from a person being afflicted with the Herpes simplex virus, a relative to genital herpes. The ulcers appear as a blister or open would along the epithelial cells of the mouth or lips. Lesions can appear white or pink; enough to distinguish itself from healthy cells. Because the Herpesviridae family of virus is so aggressive, it is easy to contract cold sores. Normally, kissing or touching a lesion results in transmission. As a virus, modern medicine has no cure for this infection; it is lifelong.

The Treatments

Despite the lack of a cure for the Herpes simplex virus, several treatments have been developed that mitigate flares.

-Vatrex (valacyclovir hydrochloride)

The problem with viruses is that they are almost impossible to eradicate. Once within a host cell, the virus can inject its DNA into the cell nucleus, causing it to become a breeding ground for more viruses. With Herpes, the virus itself contains RNA, which is much more dangerous because it can completely recode protein synthesis. Valtrex contains the chemical valacyclovir hydrochloride, an acidic salt that prevents the virus from reproducing by acting as a shield in the cell; causing the virus to inject itself fruitlessly into the nucleus.


In 2009, the FDA permitted Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals to produce a generic version of Valtrex: Valacyclovir. Valacyclovir also acts as an antiviral that suppresses Herpes outbreaks. Valacylovir uses similar methods of replication prevention by preventing viral DNA from entering the nucleus. The FDA marked the generic brand with an AB rating, meaning its effectiveness is equal to Valtrex. However, because it’s generic, pills are usually much cheaper, and have different non-active fillers or dyes.

People thinking about trying either medication must understand that these are not cures to the Herpes virus; only as treatment options. Not only that, but these medications are normally taken at frequent intervals during the first signs of an episode, such as small bumps or sores. The goal is to suppress the virus from reaching the skin surface, preventing the lesions from becoming obvious.

Side Effects

Fortunately, most people that experience side effects from either medication only have minimal issues. Some of which include:


In rarer cases, mostly in allergic reactions, some people experience rare, but life threatening issues including:

-Hives, and rash

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