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Arthur Lawrence is a skin care specialist who has studied western medicine and eastern healing traditions for many years and served as the original formulator for brands like Red Earth, Sanctum, and Purity, before starting his own skin care range. I met Arthur through a mutual friend when I was working for a television channel. My irregular work hours led to frequent acne breakouts and since my job was to be in the front of the camera I was desperate to find an alternative to wearing heavy makeup. Arthur explained to me that all his skin care products were based on nutrition and, most fascinating, they were edible. This definitely got my attention, since I felt that whatever we put on our skin topically would end up internally. Intrigued about the science behind Arthur’s products, I flew down to the Sunshine Coast in Australia to visit him and his wife, Anastasia, at their summer home in Noosa. The first thing that deeply impressed me was that they are both passionate about health and are like a walking encyclopedia. During my stay there I felt like I was on a wellness retreat where I was on an organic, gluten-free and sugar-free diet combined with regular visits to their infrared sauna and daily laps in their pure saltwater pool. It was absolutely divine. It must be said though that while I enjoy being healthy, I am not the ascetic type and fortunately for me, neither were they. We still enjoyed our cheese and evening wine ritual, not to mention Anastasia’s delicious sugar-free desserts (made from 100% Xylitol, a natural sweetener made from berries with a glycemic index of only 7). I started seeing how Arthur’s skin care was based on a holistic approach and for him it is just as important to be maintaining a healthy diet internally as it is to be taking care of your skin externally. I have been using his approach to skin care for almost five years, and I am a complete advocate of his products.

How did you get involved with skin care?
Developing skin care products came as a result of my life long interest in the process of life extension and health. I realized that approaching health through nutrition might demand more of a commitment for some than it is to adopt an external regime that produces immediately visible results. This inspired me to develop a nutritional regimen in the form of skin care.

What is the basic principle behind your skin care?
My skin care is a response to my in-depth study of the biological processes of the human body. Through responding to our body’s natural cycle of assimilation, elimination, growth, and renewal, my skin care supports the body’s system and restores the skin to a healthy balanced state.

What makes your skin care unique?
What differentiates my products from what is currently on offer is that my skin care line is not only all-natural, it is also based on nutrition. My products are designed from a biological perspective and the regime has been carefully put together to support the skin’s natural cycle and restore it to a balanced state through nourishing the skin on a cellular level. There are many products that claim to do something similar, but I find that these products contain ingredients that have no place in the skin’s biology and are not compatible with the other products sold in the same range. For instance, there are cleansers that strip the skin of its protective acid mantle, followed by a moisturizer that uses chemical additives. Rather than using traditional skin care conventions such as toners or moisturizers, I only use active ingredients that are a natural part of the body’s biology. I do not make any compromise in the quality of the ingredients and use substantial amounts which are necessary in order for the product to be effective. My decision to not use any filler substances makes my product both highly efficient and effective. I would actually be very happy for my products not to be unique. I would love to see other skin care ranges provide the same value, effectiveness, and purity.

What do you think of the organic movement in regards to skin care?
I am fully supportive of the organic movement in every regard; food, clothing, personal care, and the environment. I would not however recommend something that is organic if it was ineffective, such as certain ingredients found in skin care. What I find worrisome is that many companies are selling products that are labeled as organic but these products still have other ingredients that contain damaging chemicals that are harmful. This is why my requirement for ingredients goes beyond simply being organic. I always use the purest ingredients that I can source and while organic gets preference over non-organic ingredients, I find that the purity of a product is by far more important.

What is the challenge that you have found in your work?
Most commercial companies are more interested in having a product that has an immediate appeal on the shelf and does not need any follow up support. Companies produce a smooth cream with an appealing fragrance yet often these are just gels or lotions acting as a carrier for minute concentrations of a few “active” ingredients. These “active” ingredients are promoted as a scientific cure for skin aging. Despite their claims, these emulsified carriers do little if any good and sometimes a great deal of harm. They can be compared to unnatural processed foods, yet their large marketing budgets generate a large appeal. Because I choose to invest in the ingredients of my products rather than on a large advertisement campaign, my products are mainly sold through independent clinics, beauty salons and through word of mouth referrals. While I would love to see my products used on a larger scale, I would rather have life-long users who are delighted with the results than to adopt a commercial approach to sales.

What is do you love about your work?
What is most rewarding about my work is that all users of my skin care regime have wonderful skin, especially when they are compared to non-users in the same age category. We cannot prevent aging but we can choose to age well.

david bedford - the soma societyTestimonial from David Bedford
“After receiving a skin assessment from Arthur, he discovered that my facial skin had signs of advanced ageing and received a lot of skin damaged from prolonged sun exposure. After trying Arthur’s ‘Renewal Regime’ kit, I quickly realized that my skin was starved of essential nutrients, since my skin was already showing signs of rejuvenation after several weeks of application. Being able to experience Arthur’s products first-hand, I was skeptic turned into a believer. Applying this “food for my skin” daily, I can literally feel my skin smile sometimes. A loyal and satisfied client of Arthur’s products, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his products to others. Arthur, thank you!”

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