Somatic consulting & structural energywork

Health is ultimately a function of the harmony that exists betweens mind, body, emotion, and energy (mind/body/spirit). 

Consider that there are different types of energy (kinetic, thermal, biochemical, electrical), different types of matter (solid, liquid, gas), and different systems in the body (musculo-skeletal, respiratory, digestive, etc.). This is a lot of territory.

Instead of trying to map it all out, one could say that optimizing and harmonizing all of these with one another (and understanding how to facilitate that process) can lead us toward a higher state of health, consciousness, and hence – a more optimal life.

Each system flows into another, supporting or impeding the adjacent systems’ function
. Supporting harmony within and between the systems results in a “resonance” – wherein energy is built, not lost or wasted. 

As each system “graduates” in its sophistication and sensitivity, new planes of awareness and capacity present themselves. Life becomes easier, more clear, and the experience of joy deepens.

This process can be inhibited by limiting factors such as a toxic diet or lifestyle, emotional toxicity, trauma, or disempowering beliefs/thought patterns.

A commitment to returning to oneself, a curiosity to discover the essence at one’s core, and a warrior spirit to carry this essence to the fulfillment of its potential, are all that are needed to see optimal health as a reality.

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