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Represent us – Become an Affiliate Do you love old cars, new cars, cool vehicles and weird things? Do you go to car shows, movie or advertising shoots, special events or grand openings. Do you belong to a car club?  If so, you could find yourself a nice little extra cash flow by joining us as a representative.  If you attend any of the things we just mention, all you have to do is pass out our $5 discount coupon card or flier. That’s it; if it’s a car show, drop one on the driver’s seat of all the displayed cars and cool vehicles in the parking lot. Pass them out to people attending and talk about us.  It’s easy, fun, and you can make some nice money.  You do not need a computer, no phone, no sales talk, just visit some places, pass out our info and get paid, it’s that simple.

The details:

Once you join our group by purchasing an affiliate package for $85.

You will be mailed “The package” which contains, “T” shirt, decals, fliers and 1000 discount coupon cards. Each card has a discount coupon code, which is exclusive to your affiliate number. When someone signs up, they put in your discount code number that gives them $5 off their listing.  For everyone that enters your code and joins us, you receive 0.  We tally up all discount codes with your ID number on them at the end of the month, and send you payment via PayPal or check. We deduct a one-time monthly process fee of $5 from the total amount due to you for payment and processing cost (this covers PayPal fees, Credit cards fees and check fees)

Example:  You go to a car show, put out a 100 of these $5 Off cards on the seats of show cars, lets say 10 percent of them sign their car up which gives them many benefits, and a listing to showcase their vehicle, a great tax deduction and, if they want, rental income. They save $5 by signing up; you make 0 for each one, or 00 for having a great time!  If the show is larger, or you talk to the people, you should achieve better than 10 percent results.

Another please you might promote your coupon code would be your local Craigslist, and other vehicle sales sites, send them an email with the online coupon for the $5 discount, as long as they enter your code, you collect.

An example of an add to a online advertiser might be:

I saw your very cool car on, before you sell it, or if you do, let the new owner know, that they can make some money with it by renting it to movie studios, businesses and other venues for big fees, and get tax benefits for keeping the car.  This might help the new buyer make his move to buy your vehicle.  Check out  And if you end up listing, use promo code XXXX for a $5 discount. Good luck.

This would be yet another way of getting the word out, and you don’t even have to leave the house!

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