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In the world of internet and technology human being cannot spent a single day without either for personal or professional use. 

While using internet you must have came across different types of browser like internet explorer, Google chrome, operating and Mozilla Firefox  have you ever came across a browser that is called as WORDPRESS. 

So let us focus about the advantages of WORDPRESS.As we know that a blog 

WORDPRESS a simple browser that was started a blog service in 2003. 

You must be wondering WORDPRESS has become such powerful tool for web designer, software developers around the whole world. 

As it is much easy to use its popularity increases day by day .Word Press is always free open source blogging tool and its has content management system feature based on PHP and MySQL. Moreover some of its important features like Template system, plug-in architecture has helped a lot for spreading its importance worldwide. 

When we take a glance over some views for the internet users for web designers, software developer those who beginners or bloggers that is free for them. They don’t have pay for it. We can start word press blog free of cost it is also pay structure but if we are experimenting or searching or developing posting new ideas for them also totally free. After that your specific goal or domain is chosen you have to pay. 

Major organisations that are using this blog service for promoting their business, Ford, The wall street journal, Sony, Samsung, CNN, Network Solution, Duke university Boston College. 

One of the best reason for using Word Press is that those people who are not technically skilled or just have basic idea about the computer for them word press is the best option .The word press helps in adding images to gallery ,videos to a site new pages etc. 

One interesting fact about the word press you know that is the simplest browser you can browse at any place. A person can access internet from office, business meeting you log check your updates from any of your website either from your tablets smart phones or laptops. 

Even if you have complete your website work you just can go ahead you don’t have to wait for your web designer schedule. 

Nowadays companies are facing problem with traditional software and networks because due their up gradation and compatibility with the softwares but this problem can be easily solved by word press which can easily update by clicking just a button. 

Another important feature about word press is multi-user facility whether you are working in corporate world being a professional or using for personal purpose functionality visitor can comment, you can respond, connecting one to one with company members other professional workers, for non profit works or social works. 

Besides this as s blogger they set a domain for establishing a readership some problem arises the blog become spammed, hacked otherwise compromised if a person is not adequate technically skilled then they cannot protect against all these threats. WordPress. 

Constantly updates with these changing techniques to keep your blog saved from all the threats. 

Nevertheless it has special offers newspaper bogs .Your newspaper blogs can be easily published with wordpress because here the addition of contents, preview of the page, saving as draft all these makes it as package. 

WordPress is now known as the best way or platform because as it is free software which helps any body or those who not enough skilled to create their website or blog for promoting their companies or business purpose or else for personal use. 


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