Mount Sinai – Children’s Sleep Center – Department of Pediatrics

Children’s Sleep Center is part of the Mount Sinai Comprehensive Sleep Center. It has
provided sleep evaluations for children from birth through adolescence
since 1992. It is a leading center in the tri-state area with expertise in
evaluating and treating children with all types of sleep problems.

Our sleep
laboratory utilizes state of the art equipment and is designed to handle
children of all ages. The rooms are comfortable and child-friendly where
parents may stay overnight while the child is monitored continuously. Technicians
provide close, one-on-one attention to each child’s physical and emotional

Under the direction of Carin
Lamm, M.D.
, a board certified sleep specialist,
our multidisciplinary team includes pediatric pulmonologists, pediatric
behavioral therapist, and nutritionist. Referral within the center is available
for pediatric neurologists, psychologists, geneticists, and craniofacial

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