Welcome to the Northwest Florida and Big Bend Health Councils

The Community Health Center has been an ongoing project of the Big Bend Health Council and its community partners who are continuing their work to expand access to health care in our area. As a result of the Ready Responder program created after September 11th, designated health professional shortage areas were invited to submit competitive proposals to be considered for assignment of a clinician. The initial application for the center was submitted by the Health Councils in May 2002 and was approved in early September. As a selected site, clinician services will be provided for a period up to three years. The goal of the Community Health Center is to provide needed medical care to locals that cannot otherwise afford medical services, it is open to all of Bay CountyВ’s low-income citizens.

Volunteers are needed to staff and assist in center operations. Donations are also needed to defer cost of the operation and are tax-deductible. To volunteer or make a donation contact the Big Bend Health Council at 872-4128 or the Bay County Community Health Task Force at 872-4455, ext. 344.

For more information on the Community Health Center please contact Mike Hill at 819-0878 or Gerri Anderson at 872-4128.

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